Our new documentary on Arte!

13 Oct 2018
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We are happy to announce that our new documentary film "Le retour des frontières / Die Rückkehr der Grenzen" will be broadcast on the 23rd of October on the German-French channel Arte. After the live broadcast (21h05 in Germany, 00h00 in France), the film will be available until 21.12.2018 on the Arte website.


See the trailer in French or in German on Arte Website


Our exhibition in Lille!

15 Nov 2017
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The editing of our next documentary film has still not been finished! But in the meanwhile, you can visit our exhibition in Lille from 16.11.17 to 4.1.18. The exhibition produced in cooperation with the "Centre Marc Bloch" will be presented within the international congress "Les temporelles" at the "Métropole Européenne de Lille" and at the Atrium of "Euratechnologie".


Shooting achieved!

26 Jun 2017
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After 3 weeks along the former Schengen border, we finally achieved the shooting of our new documentary film. 10 years after the end of controls in Central Europe and 10 years after our first documentary film "La frontière intérieure", we returned along the border and met the same persons to see how their life has changed since 2007. Thanks a lot to our wonderful team, our wonderful producers and our wonderful protagonists!


The film will be edited in Paris this Summer and should be broadcast on ARTE and ORF at the end of the year 2017.


See more pics of the shooting on our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/atelier.limo


Our exhibition in Berlin

14 Nov 2016
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Our exhibition "Frontière, histoire d'une transformation, 2006-2016" is to be seen until March 2017 at the Centre Marc Bloch!


On Saturday 15.10, we will be at the Italian-Slovenian border to present our installation “Border + | Ouverture” in the former checkpoint of Gorizia / Nova Gorica. The interactive performance will start at 7pm and will be followed by a concert of Pollytikk!

In the Slovenian house that will be transformed for the occasion into a small gallery, an exhibition will show a selection of our photographs made between 2006 and 2016 along the former Schengen Border.


Video for the European Alternatives Campus!

09 Sep 2016
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A short film we made for the European Alternatives campus that took place near Berlin from August 23rd to 26th 2016. Thanks a lot to the organizers and participants! It was a very interesting experience to take part in it and to see your engagement! 


That's official!!! Our documentary project "Border Open End" (in progress) has been selected by the program "Grenzgänger" of the "Robert Bosch Stiftung" and the "Literarisches Colloquium Berlin" to get financial support for our researches! 
We'll be soon on the road again!!!

We have been invited to show our film "La frontière intérieure" on Tuesday 8.9 at the KOSMOS Summer University "Phantom Borders - Real Boundaries" of the Humboldt University in Berlin. More information about this project on this link.


Here some pictures of the conference (In)visible Walls that took place at the "Maison de la Tunisie" in Paris on 23.05.2015. Thanks to the Maison Heinrich Heine, the Association Point Bart and the Maison de la Tunisie for the organisation and the invitation. 
Photos credits : Diana Bauer, Point B'art !





 We have been invited by the association Point B'art and the Maison Heinrich Heine in Paris to take part in the event (In)visible Walls. A presentation and a discussion with Prof. Slim Laghmani and Dr. Thomas Serrier (Rencontre-débat II) will take place on Saturday 23rd of May  from 10.00 am to 11.30 am at the Fondation de la Maison de la Tunisie (Cité internationale universitaire). The debate will be presented by Anne-Marie Autissier. We are happy to see you there!


The project "Petites histioires de Guerre" in collaboration with "Le théâtre de l'Ordinaire" has been completed! Based on memories about WW1 we collected in the North of France, a play has been created with the inhabitants of the region of Audruicq. A video showing the first steps of this project has also be made and is to be found here: 



"La frontière intérieure" new screening in Berlin!

24 Mar 2015
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Our first documentary film "La frontière intérieure" will be shown in the Info-Café Berlin- Paris within the conference series "Grenzenloses Europa".  The screening will be followed by a discussion with the public. We will be happy to see you there!


Thursday 26 March, 20:00,  in the Info-Café Berlin-Paris of the OFAJ Molkenmarkt 1, 10179 Berlin-Mitte.

Free Entrance

Registration on cafeberlinparis@dfjw.org 


Works of the Atelier Limo to be seen in Linz (A)

01 Dec 2014
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Several works of the Atelier Limo will be presented from 12.12.2014 to 28.12.2015 in Linz (A) within the Exhibition "Pozor - Kalte Grenze". The exhibition will take place at the KUNSTSAMMLUNG des Landes Oberösterreich im OÖ Kulturquartier. More information under www.diekunstsammlung.at


Atelier Limo at the PechaKucha Night in Berlin

11 Nov 2014
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Last week we took part in the PechaKucha Night - Die Mauer als künstlerische und kulturelle Metapher organised by EUNIC Berlin within the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was the occasion to present our previous projects and our visions for the future of the former Schengen Border in Central Europe. Thanks to all the participants, the organisators and to the Curator Elisa Ganivet. The presentation is to be seen on this link (in German).


Collecting memories about WW1

06 Nov 2014
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We are currently in the north of France for the project petites histoires de guerre, a cooperation with Le théâtre de l'ordinaire. What remains 100 years after WW1 in the villages of the region? 1st step!


06.08.14 - Screening of "The Detour" at the Kunsthalle Rostock

01 Aug 2014
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The film "The Detour" will be screened at the Kunsthalle Rostock on the 6rd of august within the artSAIL 201418:00

See the trailer here. We are happy to see you there!


We've been on Monday 30.06 at the Haus der Kukturen der Welt with the pupils of the Car-von-Ossietzky school to present the Workshop "Refugees and Protest". It was also the occasion to relate the gravity of the actual situation of the Refugees who are since one week on the roof of the building of the "Gerhard Hauptmann Schule" in Berlin-Kreuzberg to fight for their rights.


The Online-magazin "Jadú" of the Goethe Institut in Praga has published an article about the project we are planning in a next future along the former Schengen border. In Czech and in German : 


Last week the pupils of the "Carl-von-Ossietzky Schule" who took part in the workshop "Forensis" presented their works at our atelier "Der Kanal" in Berlin. Thanks to the Haus der Kulturen der Welt for their support and to the refugees who took part in the project for their kindness and their disponibility. The installation / exhibition will be presented one more time at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt on the 30th of June. 

In Ramallah for the shooting of the film "Khalas Ma’alesh"

07 May 2014
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Nicolas is in Ramallah for the shooting of the film "Khalas Ma’alesh" about Youssef Abado's music and its tour in Palestine.


The first film of the series we made for the European Research Program "Europe as a challenge" will be presented on Saturday 18.01.2014 at "The Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities" in Berlin-Mitte. The screening will take place at 9.30 pm within the event Salon Sophie Charlotte 2014 : „Europa als Zukunftsort / Berlin erforscht Europa". 
Free entrance! More info on :http://www.bbaw.de/veranstaltungen/2014/januar/salon_2014


We showed today the prototype of the exhibition "Das andere Du - Oma, Alzheimer und ich" in Berlin within the World Alzheimer's Day. The exhibition was combined with a public reading of Maya's texts. Thanks to the Alzheimer-Gesellschaft Berlin e.V. for its invitation. 


During the last weeks, Atelier Limo took part in the project of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt "The Whole Earth Catalog, Berlin Edition". Anne and Michael have organized the workshop with the pupils of the Carl von Ossietzky School in Kreuzberg. The results are to be seen on the following adress (up to page 41) :
Thanks a lot to them both!
You will find here the link to the videos that have been made with the youngsters:

Border Bistro in Berlin!

03 May 2013
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Presentation of the installation Border Bistro in Berlin on the 3rd of may.
The installation plays with the ambiguity of a real and a virtual space and reflects the central idea of the project. It allows to enter into the world of the website www.borderbistro.eu, while transforming the studio Der Kanal into a real bistro, a place where people meet and chat. This installation has been created with the support of the „Festival Frontières“ of Thionville (F) and the team of „Der Kanal“
Thanks to all the participants.

The webdocumentation "Border Bistro" has been presented from the 6th to the 12th April 2013 in Thionville with the festival "Frontières - D'une langue à l'autre". Find the website on www.borderbistro.eu


New project Border Bistro online : www.borderbistro.eu

12 Apr 2013
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Our new documentary project "Border Bistro" about the language border in Belgium is now online :



"La frontière intérieure" in Bergerac (France)

04 Apr 2013
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Our first documentary film "La frontiètre intérieure" (The Barriers Within) has been screened yesterday, 03.04.13 within the festival  "Frontières : faire sans, faire avec" in Bergerac, France. The screening has been followed by a discussion between Nicolas and the cartograph of "Le Monde Diplomatique" Philippe Rekacewicz. Thanks to the persons present at the event.


Both documentary films of Atelier Limo will be screened in Paris and in Weimar this week-end : "The Detour" and "La Frontière Intérieure" within the Festival "Frontières: du visible à l'invisible" in Paris in the Cinema "Le nouveau Latina" followed by a discussion with Nicolas (linkand "La frontière intérieure" in Weimar (D) in the cinema "Mon ami" within the "Weimarer Rendez-vous mit der Geschichte" followed by a discussion with Simon (click here for more info)


"La frontière interieure" presented in Montréal (CAN)

24 Oct 2012
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The documentary film "La frontière intérieure" will be screened this week at the University of Montréal within the Workshop "Berlin-Montréal : transfuges, fugitifs, fugueurs".



On 20th September 2012, we were at the "HAUS DER KULTUREN DER WELT" in Berlin to present the result of the workshop "GEDANKENRÄUME / ARCHITECTURE AND IDEOLOGY" with the 7th class of the Grünau School! Watch the video here:



We will be from the 6th till the 9th of June in Marseille (F) to take part in the trandisciplinary workshop "Representing Borders" organized by the Institute for Advanced Study Aix-Marseille. See the full program here.


"La frontière intérieure" shown last Monday in Berlin

20 Mar 2012
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"La frontière intérieure" was shown last Monday, the 19th of March in Berlin within a workshop for European youngsters organized by the Centre of European Culture (link).  

"The Detour" in Koblenz (D)

13 Jan 2012
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"The Detour" will be screened at the University of Koblenz (D) on the 23.01 at 4 pm and in Paris (F) at the "Institut finlandais" on the 24.01. at 7.30pm and on the 28.01 at 4pm. We will be present at the screenings to discuss the film with the public. (http://www.institut-finlandais.asso.fr)


"The Detour" has reached its final destination!

12 Jan 2012
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After having been presented 20 times in Estonia, Russia and Finland during the autumn, the film "The Detour" has reached its final destination on the 17th of December 2011 in the "Manilla Factory" in Turku (FI). This event took place within the closing ceremonies of the European Capital of Culture 2011. You can see a short video here.


The Detour goes on tour...

12 Oct 2011
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On 29th of September, the documentary film «The Detour» by Atelier Limo starts a journey in Tallinn. It will be presentedin about 20 places around the Gulf of Finland in Estonia, Russia and Finland and will end up its route in Turku inNovember.This film is the result of one year of research, interviews and travels around the Gulf of Finland, questioning the memoryshared by Finns, Russians and Estonians.During the Autumn 2011, Atelier Limo returns on the locations to present and discuss the film «The Detour» in Estonia,Russia and Finland, repeating a principle experimented in 2009 in their project «Border Speaking». The two filmmakersthen crossed Europe from South to North along the former Schengen border showing their film «La frontière intérieure»in 8 different countries.
More informations about the project HERE

The film "The detour" is finished!

12 Oct 2011
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From Turku to Tallinn, there is a road that links the lands of Finland, Russia and Estonia. Memory, war, independence,occupation, identity, revolution, cooperation, this 2000 km route reflects the major upheavals of the 20th century. It hasbeen paced up and down for several months by two young French filmmakers and a Super 8 camera. Following theroute, they met three generations of people unveiling issues such as historical inheritance, otherness, national identities,sharing their dreams and aspirations. The protagonists of the film «The Detour» re-create the turbulent history ofthis route through their own lives and experiences.


Titel: The Detour
Type: Documentary film
Authors: Atelier Limo (Simon Brunel and Nicolas Pannetier)
Duration: 75 Min
Shooting Turku, Helsinki, Lappeenranta (FI), Vyborg, Zelenogorsk, St Petersburg (RU), Sillamäe,
locations: Tallinn (EST)
Format: HD - 16:9 - Stereo
Support: BluRay and DVD
Languages: Mostly English. Parts in Finnish, German, some in Russian and Estonian.
Subtitles: Estonian, Russian, Finnish, English and a special version with Estonian+Russian

we are glad to inform you that our film "La frontière intérieure - Die innere Grenze" will be shown at two occasions in April in Berlin. Two reasons to see it or to see it again!

- On 9th of April in the "Nachbarschaftshaus" Friedenau at 20.30. > for details see the Link

- On 27th of April in the morning within a one day long workshop called "Mauertag im April" in the gallery "Ausland" in Prenzlauerberg. The workshop is free of charges. 4 films/installations will be shown at the occasion. More info and registration here


The new project of Atelier Limo is now online: www.detour2011.eu

17 Feb 2011
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After having finished the event "Border Speaking" in 2009 along the borders in Central Europe, Atelier Limo is glad to inform you that the website of their new project "the Detour" is now online: www.detour2011.eu


This project is part of the official program of European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 (EST) and European Capital of Culture Turku 2011 (FI).

By suggesting the project “the Detour” to Turku 2011 and Tallinn 2011, our aim was to raise the issue of shared memory between Finland and Estonia. To do so, we decided to link up both towns by solid land, making a detour by St Petersburg and Russia, the Great Eastern neighbour that has influenced the history of these two nations.
All the photographs, the sounds and the stories we collected during our journeys around the Gulf of Finland as well as the interviews of the people we met are all made available on this internet site. In the next weeks, we'll be again in Russia, Finland and Estonia to collect more material for our documentary film. We will inform you on our website.
In the meanwhile, we wish you a nice discovery!



Within the festival PolenmARkt which takes place every year in the region of Greifswald (D) near to the polish border, the documentarfilm "La frontière intérieure" will be shown in the cinema "Ozeanum" in Stralsund on the Baltic Sea on 29.11.2010 at 18.00. You will find more information on those two links: link 1, link 2

The detour - Second report

29 Oct 2010
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Since September we are back in Berlin working on the project "The Detour". After having been collecting data for three months on the road between Turku, St Petersburg and Tallinn, we are now classifying all the information to set up a new database which will be soon available. About 5000 pictures, 60 interviews, 300 sound-records and other documents gathered on 150 places situated along the itinerary have now to be sorted out and edited. Some articles have already been written in Finland about the project, you can find them on the heading press

The Detour – First report

08 Jul 2010
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Turku, Kaarina, Paimio, Salo, Tammisaari, Hanko, Porkkala, Helsinki, Porvoo, Pernaja, Kotka, Hamina, Vaalimaa, Lappeenranta, Imatra, Svetogorsk, Kondratyevo, Vyborg, Sovietsky, Primorsk, Zelenogorsk, Kronstadt, St Petersburg, Gatchina, Kingisepp, Ivangorod, Narva, Sinimäe, Sillimäe, Jõhvi, Kohtla-Järve, Kunda, Rakvere, Kadrina, Viimsi, Nõmme, Tallinn...

These are the main stops of the itinerary of the project « The Detour ». A first journey of 3000 km has been made from Turku (FI) to Tallinn (EST) from the 21st of May to the 16th of June 2010 to collect data. This data (pictures, interviews and sound recordings) will be sorted out, selected and completed during future journeys this summer. The aim of this collection is to create a new website which will gather together the accounts and information in approximatively 100 to 150 selected places which tell us about the history and the memory shared by Finns, Russians and Estonians. In the meantime, you can already find in the heading « Database », a short overview with sounds and pictures of the visited places and the people we have encountered along the route.


The film "La frontière intérieure" has been shown in Thionville (FR) and in Schengen (LU) on 17th and 18th of June within the celebration of the 25th  anniversary of the signing of the Schengen Agreement. It was (again) a great occasion to discuss the film with the public after the screening.

The film "La frontière intérieure" on the polish - russian border!

17 May 2010
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The film "La frontière intérieure" has been shown on the extern border of the European Union!

4 screening were organized by the Foundation Borussia (www.borussia.pl)  in: Braniewo (06/05/10), Bartoszyce (06/05/10), Węgorzewo (07/05/10), Gołdap (09/05/10).


Border Speaking along the russian-polish border!

29 Apr 2010
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Between the 5th and the 10th of May, the documentary film "La frontière intérieure" will be shown in 4 differents cities along the russian-polish border.

Atelier Limo on polish TV

19 Mar 2010
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