Border Bistro

 Belgium’s linguistic border experienced in nine border cafés

 Belgium’s linguistic border experienced

in nine border cafés:

 Web documentary  2013

 Web documentary  2013

In Belgium, more than anywhere else, the café has remained a popular venue for people of different origins and social backgrounds to meet, talk and put the world to rights over a drink.

Given our interest in the linguistic border that has administratively divided Belgium for 50 years, it seemed natural to focus on the places that bring together speakers of French, Dutch and German, young and old, workers, academics and politicians.

I was told I was a model of integration. I said to them, “Hang on, why should I have to integrate in my own country?”.

The goal of the Border Bistro web documentary is to reproduce the events of nine days spent in nine cafés along Belgium’s linguistic border, and recreate bar-room discussions on issues surrounding the Belgian nation and identity from interviews conducted on location.

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Date: 2013 | Category: Web documentary | Web developer: Nicolas Kapfer | Partners / Funding bodies: Festival “Frontières – D’une langue à l’autre”

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