The Detour

A journey through the memory of Finland, Estonia and Russia
Documentary film, 75 min.

Liidia, a resident of a retirement home in Turku, Finland, and Darja, a young Russian-speaking Estonian student in Tallinn, are separated by almost a century of history. A century of revolutions, fratricidal wars, occupied nations, liberated countries, declarations of independence, migrations, displaced populations.

This is the history inherited by Liidia, Darja and the other protagonists of the film: Kirsti, the Estonian running a business on the Russian-Finnish border; Alexander, the photographer from Zelenogorsk on a quest to discover the forgotten history of his region, the men of the Finnish choir who return each year to the town of Viipuri, ceded to the USSR after WWII, to sing their nostalgia-laden songs; Helga, the St. Petersburg Estonian who has never lived in her country of origin. They all have one thing in common: their existence unfolds beyond national borders – those of Finland, of Estonia, and of their great neighbour Russia.

Connecting these three nations by land, the film “The detour” offers a transversal view of their history, raising questions about belonging, memory, heritage and the plurality of identities.

“ When people see my grey passport, which says “alien passport” on the cover, they ask me “oh, are you from space or something? ”

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The Detour

Date: 2011| Category: Documentary film (75 min.) | Directed, filmed and edited by: Simon Brunel and Nicolas Pannetier | Music: Nicolas Pannetier | Partners / Funding bodies: Turku 2011 and Tallinn 2011, European Capitals of Culture | Languages: English, Finnish, German, Russian and Estonian. | Subtitles available: French, English, Estonian, Russian, Finnish and German.

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