Border + | ouverture

Transformation of a border checkpoint into a meeting and exchange place.
Installation 2016

The idea is simple, yet beautiful: transforming a border, formerly a place of separation, into a place of meeting and dialogue. This was the mission undertaken by Kinoatelje in collaboration with Italian and Slovenian partners in the trans-border metropolitan region of Gorizia – Nova Gorica. The cultural collective repurposed the former Slovenian checkpoint, left vacant since 2007, turning it into an art gallery, mini-cinema and cross-border cultural centre.

It was in this facility that Atelier Limo was invited to present the exhibition “Border + | Ouverture” in October 2016.

A series of “before and after” photos of the former Schengen border on display inside the building was accompanied by an outdoor screen suspended from the checkpoint roof showing images of border posts in operation, photographed in 2006.

“Border + | Ouverture” is a life-sized experiment for Atelier Limo’s ambitious project of transforming a large number of former border posts into places of meeting, solidarity and dialogue, forming a cultural network of border towns active on a European scale.

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Date: 2016 | Category: Installation/Exhibition | Partners / Funding bodies: Kinoatelje (IT-SLO), Municipality of Nova Gorica

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