The web platform of “La Grande Marche” has the ambition to combine a linear dimension of the route of the Grande Marche (southern border of Luxembourg, 250 km in 16 days) and the thematic dimension (work, europe, at the border, covid, the future). The site provides access to more than 2,000 video photos and 300 interview excerpts carefully scattered throughout the site.

The front page is a form of subjective cartography of our journey. Juxtaposing places and people we met on the road, this set gives an overview and allows to get into the heart of the matter. Click randomly on one of the icons and let yourself be carried away by the “panorama” tool which will make you discover through photos and videos a hybrid and varied border landscape but also meet the inhabitants of the region. Let yourself be surprised by the excerpts of their interviews and launch yourself through the “discussion” page in a virtual conversation with them on the five main themes of the project.

“With Corona, we became more informed. It was more like, ‘Okay, I’m here at my school, just focusing on me.”

When you close the “discussion” window, you will find yourself where you left them, but you can also go back to where a protagonist is by clicking on “go with”. Thus, along the way, you may arrive, as we did, at Schengen, the final stage of the journey.

The site was created with the team of Talleux & Zöllner GbR, also partners of the project.

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La Grande Marche
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Year: 2022 | Languages : FR, DE | Production : Atelier Limo for Esch 2022 european capital of culture | Concept, Photos, texts , Illustrations:  Simon Brunel et Nicolas Pannetier | Web devlopment: Talleux & Zöllner GbR | Graphic design: Polina Tikk

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