In 14 stages, the exhibition takes the visitor on a journey along the southern border of Luxembourg through photos, texts, videos and illustrations.

A border marker lost in the grass, a brass band start, a blast furnace lying in the middle of a golf course, the emptiness left by a dismantled factory, a steel mill in activity on the other side which produces the longest metal beams in the world, an ecological village made of recycled materials, motorways and multimodal platforms, vineyards, a nuclear power plant, fields and finally Schengen… Michel, Patrice, Annick, Adriana, Sandrine and all the others… the exhibition mixes on the same thread the voices of many protagonists, their reflections on the history and the challenges of their region and the subjective story of our walk.

In parallel to this linear journey, a video installation organized around 5 themes (At the Border, Europe, Covid, Work, the Future), crosses the visions of the many people met and offers a snapshot of a region whose daily life is punctuated by the border and turned upside down by the Covid pandemic.

What if, at this precise moment when everything seems to go too fast, we suddenly took the time? Time to reflect, to listen, to exchange opinions and ideas?

The steps :

1 – A start at the crossroads
2 – Europe without borders: where it all begins
3 – The cultural center with three borders
4 – National 5, at the crossroads of the world
5 – Lost in the golf course
6 – The mayor of Saulnes has the blues
7 – Made in Luxemburg
8 – The graft only took on one side
9 – Esch in solidarity
10 – The Europe of commuters
11 – Generation covid
12 – Have you seen the clouds of the power plant?
13 – Bernadette, Norbert and Florine
14 – Destination Schengen

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